Inspiring Instagram: JayBasha

There are plenty of Instagram accounts that have wonderful pictures and deserve millions of followers. These accounts are inspiring and every picture tells a unique story. Something that I find important to show that the most ordinary places can be extraordinary. It’s all a matter of perception and these people just do a wonderful job at showing that

There are many accounts that look similar to Jaybasha, however, unlike the rest, all of his pictures have a hidden message. What no other account has done like Jaybasha (21), based in Canada. The story behind every picture tells the viewer there is a long story before the picture was even taken.Each picture tells the viewer there is a story and a deeper meaning behind it even before the picture was even taken From walking around and looking through gaps no one would even see to asking people directions in Cuba. Below some of my favorites. Enjoy.

<3 Mayanoraa

What picture is your favorite? What story is this picture telling you?