Inspiring Instagram: Mariam_am

There are plenty of Instagram accounts that have wonderful pictures, and deserve millions of followers. These accounts are inspiring and every picture tells a unique story. Something that I find important to show that the most ordinary places can be extraordinary. It’s all a matter of perception and these people just do a wonderful job at showing that

We all know that we need to eat to survive. Mariam_am  (18) based in UAE, shows that pretty food and travel is a new form of surviving. If you don’t feel like traveling or making a picture perfect dish, you should have a look at Mariam’s page. You will have a new desire for desserts, coffee, architecture, and travel. All of the worlds best things are in this one account. No one day is the same on Mariam’s Instagram and no pictures are the same. Her creativity keeps on going through every picture around the world. Below some of my favorites.

<3 Mayanoraa

What picture is your favorite? What story is this picture telling you?