How-To Make Friends Abroad

We all have friends we made through school, work, or someplace else. Some have friendships for a lifetime, and others part ways after a couple of months. Meeting people isn’t an issue because people are everywhere! How do you become friends with someone, though? Below are some tips on how to meet and maybe even becomes friends with someone. These tips are especially handy when leaving abroad to a place where you don’t know anyone. I need to warn you. Some people do not want new friends and, therefore, you shouldn’t try too hard. Get a feel for how things go and eventually time will tell. Without further ado, here are some tips on how to meet new people and make new friends.

Offline: No one has ever made new friends by watching TV alone. You need to go to social places or, even better, places of your own interest. Maybe try somewhere like a coffee café (not in the Netherlands… Coffeeshops are places where drugs are sold, and if you aren’t into that just stick to a Starbucks or other place you know serves coffee).
You might even try a fitness class or even a drawing class. The best thing to do is to take yourself places where you are interested in. This way, you will have the opportunity to learn about or practice something you like while also meeting people with similar interests. This will make it easier to find common ground and make easy conversation. Here is a short list of places/things to try: – Museums – Workshops (photography, drawing, philosophy, etc.) – Book/movie club – Travel in a group with a travel agency

Online: This option is mainly for the busy, lazy, or otherwise extremely introverted people. There are many blogs, forums, apps, and even websites with a membership where you can read up on your favorite topics and at the same time meet new people online. You could leave comments on certain posts, or sometimes these online platforms will organize offline events where you meet the people you have been talking to. The online world is a beautiful but scary place, so always stay alert and don’t meet just anyone right away. Keep first-time in-person meetings with online folks safe and public. Here I have included a short lists of online platforms: – Facebook groups (such as: girls LOVE to travel, Beyond your bloggers, Digital Nomad girls, etc) – (website about philosophy with a paid membership that organizes events in English in the Netherlands) – MELA Network (leadership network with an online network base and offline events all around the Middle East) – Some Magazines have an online platform where you can create an account and speak to others and read more exclusive writings

Get a hobby: How do you even begin to know where to go to meet people if you don’t know what you like? I’m sure there is a platform for people without a hobby where you can sign up and find your hobbyless soulmate (you don’t have to have a hobby to have an awesome life with amazing friends, though it does make things easier). I do recommend you try new things, especially when abroad. You may discover a new talent or hobby and from there meet new people. Meeting new people is usually much easier when you are alone and if you have the guts to go new places solo. Please do! Get some you-time in, and if you meet someone on the way, lucky you!

What NOT to do: Some people think that when someone is reading or listening to music that it’s the perfect time to strike up a conversation. Out of manners, most people would reply to this obnoxious person in a nice but short manner. Please know when to have a conversation with someone and pay attention to the body language of the individual. If they aren’t interested, you’ll get that kind of vibe. Speak to people you think are open to conversation, and don’t overdo it. Have a short conversation about the place or an interest of theirs. Keep it light. You don’t want to have a full-on conversation about the philosophies of life.

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Where do you meet new people/friends?