Being Grateful

Since the beginning of 2015, I have acted as a translator for all Arabic refugees that flee to the Netherlands, and boy oh boy! What a roller coaster of emotions it’s been. I can’t imagine their pain, let alone the worries of their minds as their bruised bodies were walking away from such an unacceptable situation. These people suffer constant bombing, fear of losing life, oppressive government, etc. Their hearts have been damaged by aching pain. No room to carry luggage, only hope. Refugees are forced to take a gamble with their own lives. Taking a gamble, the jackpot being safety. No matter where in the world you are, cultural and religious differences aside, we all know what is happening (to these people) isn’t human. My experience translating for the Arabic refugees has opened my eyes to real survival. I have never respected people as much as I do now. I have never caught the hurt in someone’s voice as I now recognize and hear on a daily basis. Not a day passes that I don’t ask myself what on earth is happening to this world?

The painful misery they left behind trying to start from zero in a new country yet having nightmares chase them like hungry falcons. I’ve spoken to children with the understanding of a 40-year-old. They have lost beloved ones at sea while I complain when my phone gets wet. These people are more human than I am. Our responsibility of mankind is to be there for others, to help them when they are in need; yet, we rarely find the time to do so. We are so busily absorbed within our own bubble that we forget about the rest of the world. Or is it that we do not want to get involved? I can tell you that working with people who have big stories to share have a bigger impact. I have gained a great deal of experience from and each day I am learning more. After each translation session, they thank me and bless me with the most beautiful blessings. I’m the one thankful to be working with these most grateful souls. The importance of my small actions are taken remarkably seriously, and I’m very thankful that I get to do more than wipe away a tear while watching the news. I’ve learned that nothing lasts forever and that I should be more grateful for everything each day, even the negative. I’ve learned that I need to bless people with positive vibes, to care for everyone—help people when needed and make positive changes. We all need to try this, no matter what you aspire to be in your near future or what people you want to help or care for. Be grateful. Spread love like confetti, and help others in need. You never know what you can learn from them. I want to thank the people I’ve worked with for everything they have taught me and still teach me every day.

<3  Mayanoraa


How do you help others?