Beauty Treatment Philosophy

Everyone has a opinion. Some call it an opinion, others call it a philosophy. I call it both, depending the topic and whether or not I want to look introspective (LOL). I would like to share my opinion and philosophy on beauty products and treatments. I feel this is something everyone has an opinion about, especially hot-topic treatments like eyelash extensions or botox. Brace yourself because here comes my opinion. Oh, I mean philosophy

Do whatever suits you. If you don’t happen to like any of these treatments, you’re free to have your opinion. However, don’t hate on those who do love them. Thank you very much!

❤ Mayanoraa

What do you think of beauty treatments?

Just kidding. I do have a complicated opinion about this issue, and here it comes. To me, it’s very clear and straight-forward. If you don’t understand a beauty treatment or trend, you shouldn’t have an opinion about it. Don’t knock it because you don’t understand it. Take for instance eyelash extensions. Personally, I like being practical. I love doing my make up every morning, but if I can make it less time-consuming for the days I’m in a rush, why not? I would try lash extensions. I would tattoo my eyebrows. I would do treatments for better, healthier skin. I’d try them all if it might save me some precious time.

If you can’t understand why a treatment/trend exists, you should potentially educate yourself and refrain from making snap judgments like, “What’s next,” or “You’re so fake.” If you’ve ever made this “joke” to another person, you’re not being funny. Allow other people to indulge in things you don’t like. Remember that others are not born with the purpose of satisfying other opinions.

I have nothing against the aforementioned beauty treatments; however, as I have stated that I will share my complex opinion, I believe that you should try to keep it as natural as possible. Lash extensions, make-up tattooing, botox—these treatments are convenient for quick fixes, but they don’t last forever. I don’t believe these types of treatments should ever become a part of your identity. Sometimes, I actually think that people make their true selves less attractive by going overboard on the beauty treatments and changing everything down to their eye color. I think that if you are unhappy with yourself, it is healthier to change your view on the inside rather than your outside. You gain real confidence when you learn to accept and love yourself! You couldn’t choose what eye color you were born with, or how many eyelashes you have, or what the shape of your body is. Yet, if you have the confidence to work with what you got, that’s real beauty. 

Again, I don’t want to judge. I can totally understand that if you like to put a couple thousand mascara coats on every single day, you might do a treatment to cut down on time. Still, don’t change so much of yourself that the real you becomes lost. Let these treatments enhance what you feel are the most beautiful features of your shine. My philosophy is to go for it if you’re just wanting to make your life a little easier or more convenient. Tattoo those brows you spend time filling in every day. Why not? I can totally understand you wanting to skip a tedious part of the morning routine to free up more time for other things. However, when you’re using things like colored contact lenses, you are changing yourself to a point where you’ve created a certain expectation from others and yourself. This type of treatment puts more pressure on you to always be looking a certain way and teaches your and other brains to believe that what you are replacing your natural looks with is more attractive and desirable. In the end, you’re hurting yourself if you cannot find beauty in your own eyes and wish to trade them for blue, grey or green ones every morning. I understand if you just want to mix things up and try something new, but don’t make it a habit to change yourself just to look “better.” Don’t give yourself a complex that prevents you from accepting and loving yourself unless you fit a certain mold.

<3 Mayanoraa

What do you think of beauty treatments?