The Most Annoying People at the Airport

If you are on this website, it happens to be you love to travel. To travel, we need to go to the airport. Even though we really like the airport for its different options of junk food, clothing, and junk food, I bet we all really dislike some of the people we find at airports. Lots of times we just ignore those people and tell ourselves it’ll all be worth it once we get to our destination. Below are the 5 most annoying people at the airport.

Unprepared People at the Airport
Most of the time, a girl wearing a kg of makeup but also a kg of jewelry. First, she takes off her belt and goes through security. Security tells her to go back and take off her bracelets and all other 500 accessories. Girl goes back to the machine and before you know it, security sends her back because she is wearing shoes with metal. Guess where you are in this story? Not in Mcdonalds enjoying your Caramel Frappuccino. No, you are stuck in line with the noise of crying babies and the smell of stinky feet, watching this girl walk back and forth after every beep. The only thing you can do is hope she has put all her makeup in a clear plastic bag because if she didn’t you’ll strangle her with her own perfectly straightened hair.

People that Dress Themselves at the Beginning of the Security Belt
So, we all have to put our stuff in a tray and wait patiently until our stuff comes back to us. Most people take their things in their trays and go somewhere else to put back on their shoes and such. This person, on the other hand, just stands there waiting at the beginning of the belt and making sure no one can easily grab their things. We would all like to know what this person is thinking. No one will be stealing anything. Everybody is too busy with trying to get their own things without having to touch this terrible person. After their belongings get to them, they refuse to move and proceed to get dressed. It’s as if they are in their hotel room and the security machine is their robot closet that chose what they will be wearing today. Once you grab your stuff, just move out of the way of others. It’s that simple.

Girl with Heels
WHY is she wearing heels to the damn airport? She should hope she doesn’t end up on your flight because if your plane has an emergency landing you should take these shoes off her ugly feet and throw them into the water. Or even try to wrestle her off the plane. If you don’t throw her shoes as far as you can, the rubber slide will be torn. Now she has caused all the damn air to escape out of your only chance to land safely. Hopefully, we do not get into a situation that needs the rubber boat. You’d be dead. Dead because she had to look good. For your information, she didn’t look good. She looked selfish. You know what, because of this unwanted situation she should be the first fed to the sharks. Wonder if she forgot that she isn’t Kim Kardashian with a privet jet? Did she just really forget that she was flying with Easy Jet today?

If your name is Kevin and you have never done this, I apologize. I just find that the name Kevin fits this personality. Don’t ask me why. It’s the same as the Girl with Heels, whose name must be Pricilla or Zein. Kevin is standing at the information desk bragging himself into first class. Other people are waiting patiently behind Kevin, and these people look as if they have real problems that need attention. Kevin doesn’t pay any attention to them. He doesn’t even bother to notice that everybody is being annoyed by him. After the steward has told him politely that he can be in first class after pays the extra fee, Kevin gets insulted and we all just wish that the volume of our headset would make us deaf.

The brought-too-much-stuff Person
Now that you’ve had a while to relax and get away from the annoying girls and their failed fashion sense, you are seated on the plane. It’s the middle seat, but you are accepting it. You can already see a person with a backpack, a carry-on, and his passport in his hand walking your way. He looks lost and you are just praying to Jesus and Prophet Muhammad that he isn’t sitting next to you. This isn’t even the worst part. The worst part is that he brought too much stuff. He tries to fit his carry-on in the overhead bin, squeeze his backpack under his seat, and almost loses his passport in the process. Even worse, he brought food—food that must be delicious but stinks when you are not the one eating it. Now you’ve changed your prayer to something that can make him disappear.

❤ Mayanoraa

What was the worst thing that happened to you when you were traveling?