Airport Hacks

Traveling seems easy after you have done all the researching and booking. Yet, a mystery might still await you in the place called “Airport.” Trust me, you never really know what will happen or where you’ll have to stand in a long line/queue for more than 15 minutes. To make the airport a better place, I like to be prepared. This is how I prepare myself for any possible madness.

Easy clothes:
Wearing easy shoes and clothes is key to passing quickly through security. Don’t wear heavy metal belts or anything that will set off security alarms. Be prepared and be comfortable. The airport is not a place where the latest fashion trends will be appreciated; therefore, don’t overdo it! Be comfortable, especially when you have a long trip. Oh, and please don’t wear heels. You don’t look sexy, you look ridiculous.  (Throw dat side-eying shade, guuuurl)
Pro-tip: Bring a scarf or a light sweater. It’s a lifesaver in many ways. It could be cold, or you may need an extra self-made pillow.

Pack your toiletries on top of your stuff or in an easy-to-access place so that you may easily slip it in and out of your bag when passing through security checks. The same goes for laptops and any other items you know will have to be removed for security.
Pro-tip: Bring an extra clear zip-lock bag and a foldable fabric bag. You never know when you might need to store any additional liquids or use an extra bag because of the weight limit. Bonus: You can always wear the ‘overweight’ items.
Pro-tip 2: Bring hand sanitizer or wet wipes. You’re in a building where thousands of people pass through a day. Germs everywhere. And haven’t you heard? The interior of planes doesn’t get deep-cleaned often…

Bring an empty water bottle:
Food and drinks are more expensive at the airport; you can bring snacks with you, but you cannot bring a full bottle of water. If you are not willing to buy an extra water bottle at the airport, you can bring an empty bottle and refill this at the airport bathrooms.  This is ONLY for countries where you can drink water from the tap. Please keep this in mind as every country is different, and in many countries, the water isn’t safe to drink (want to read more on water? Click here for a blog post all about water).
Pro-tip: You can freeze your liquids if you want to bring your own drink. This will be frozen when passing by security and defrost when in the plane. You also always have the option to bring your own tea bag and an empty cup, and when you’re ready for a cuppa just ask for hot water.

European Passports and ID’s:
Europeans, when traveling in Europe we can use our ID, but I suggest you bring your passport just in case. There is an electronic passport control, and there is the passport control where a human will check either your passport or ID card. When you bring both, you get to choose whichever line looks quicker! Trust me when I say it will save you time when you have both on you!

Selfie Time:
Before checking your luggage, take a picture of you AND your luggage. That way if your luggage gets lost you have a picture of how the bag(s) look and you do not need to stress of remembering what the details are of your bag! If you parked your car at the airport, it would be a smart move to take a picture of what level and aisle you parked at. It’ll save you the hassle of wandering around looking for your car after a long plane ride.

What are your airport hacks?

<3 Mayanoraa